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Wazzabi, Winter Park, Florida


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  • Food7-8
  • Pricing7-8(Very Reasonable)
  • Atmosphere7-8(Excellent Exterior)
  • Service7-8(Can't Complain)
  • Selection7-8
  • Value7-8

The Review

We traveled a bit north, towards Winter Park and found ourselves at Wazzabi. We were immediately impressed as we pulled up. They have a very cool exterior with a large outdoor seating area. Inside they have a large sushi bar and a full drink bar. They have an updated interior with bright, multi colored lights - but it was still intimate. The large restaurant is divided in two and the other side serves hibachis. Pinkie happily sat us and quickly brought us some popular appetizers.

  • Shrimp Stuffed Wonton

    The first thing we tried was Shrimp Stuffed Wonton. All we have to say is wow. The dish was shrimp, kani and cream cheese wrapped in a wonton and fried. The wontons are served with a maui onion sauce mixed very lightly with spicy mayo. The dish was soft, creamy and scrumptious. While fried and a little greasy (we tend to be health nuts) it was somehow still light and not as heavy as we thought it would be. We also could not stop eating the onion mix, even after the wontons were long gone.

  • Shrimp Stuffed Wonton solo plated.

  • Stuffed Tuna Next we had a dish called Stuffed Tuna. It was crab salad, wrapped tightly in tuna sashimi and topped with spicy mayo. It had a subtle taste of crab and was light and delicious. We added the smallest amount of soy sauce as we chowed it down.

  • Close up.

  • Bok Bun Joa Joo, Seok Ryu Ju and Hwa Rang We ordered a sake sampler of Bok Bun Joa Joo, Seok Ryu Ju and Hwa Rang. The Bok Bun Joa Joo had the richest taste, the Seok Ryu Ju was less sweet and on the tart side and the Hwa Rang was our favorite, light and not to dry nor too sweet.

  • Vietnamese, Buddah and Heaven Roll We grabbed a new pair of chopsticks and were brought a giant boat of sushi composing of a Vietnamese, Buddah and Heaven Roll

  • Vietnamese Roll The Vietnamese roll had yellow fin, mixed greens, asparagus, cucumber, daikon and carrots inside. It was rolled in rice paper and topped with cream cheese, mayo, alternating slices of avocado and shrimp and eel sauce. The roll was very thick and had a nice crunch. It blended together, but at the same time you could taste every individual ingredient. It was light and clean.

  • Buddah Roll Buddah roll was spicy tuna, tempura flake and cucumber inside. It was wrapped similar to a "Rainbow Roll" with yellow fin, shrimp and avocado. It is topped with buddah sauce - a delicious blend of mayo, chilli and sweet brown sauce. The tuna is tasty and the sauce makes the roll. This is our favorite roll of the night.

  • Heaven Roll The Heaven roll is coconut shrimp, avocado and asparagus inside. It is topped with tempura kani, mayo, scallions and sprinkled with lime zest, chili oil and spices. There is good balance between the coconut and spices, however the roll is overly crunchy and the taste of the fish is slightly masked.

  • Spicy Mango and Pretty Lady We then ordered two fruit rolls, Spicy Mango and Pretty Lady. Both rolls were not quite what we expected and a little basic. Both had a good taste, but the Pretty Lady was the winner when comparing the two. If you add a little buddah or eel sauce, it was even better.

  • Spicy Mango The Spicy Mango was yellow fin, blended with spices, mango, and cream cheese.

  • Pretty Lady The Pretty Lady was tuna, cucumber, cream cheese and walnuts inside with sliced strawberries on top.

  • NY Style Izumi-Dai We finished off with NY Style Izumi-Dai. It was tilapia sashimi, with pickled daikon. It was served in a chili soy ponzu sauce, with a little bit of smoking hot oil. The dish was as spicy as it sounds and we loved every bite. The dish was sweet, spicy and slightly crunchy with the pickled radish. It was the first time we had tilapia sashimi or pickled daikon before.

  • Plated solo.

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