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Sawa in Syosset, New York


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  • Food8(Outstanding)
  • Pricing8(Affordable)
  • Atmosphere7
  • Service8
  • Selection8
  • Value8

The Review

Our latest trip took is to Sawa in Syosset. Located right on Jericho turnpike it may be easy to pass by this place, but don't! Once you walk through the door you are greeted by large inviting comfortable chairs. Cool hanging silver beads and Japanese screens separate tables. There are textured and cushioned walls throughout the restaurant. The decor is traditional, with an edge. There is a modern looking sushi bar in the back left. We are seated in a cozy booth, practically in one of the windows, and our waitress Mindy brings over some hot sake.

  • Cajun Pepper Tuna Salad Our first appetizer arrives and it looks amazing. It is Cajun. It is thick slices of cajun tuna with an onion soy dressing. Cajun spices are primarily composed of ground cayenne, paprika, garlic, onion and black pepper. The fish sits on a bed of seaweed salad, cucumber and shredded radish. The dish looks appetizing and has a taste to match. The numerous pieces of tuna are thick and perfectly seasoned. It melts in the mouth and easily falls apart. The salad underneath is a nice compliment and provides a little crunch to the tender fish. The onion dressing has noticeable pieces of the vegetable in it and a great salty, pepper flavor. We want to save room for more, but somehow keep taking another piece itis that good.

  • Up close.

  • Spicy Lobster Soup We can't seem to shake our colds and order some soup in hopes it will help. We are brought a tasty Spicy Lobster Soup. The soup is a spicy broth with large pieces of lobster and vegetables like cabbage and onion. The soup is smooth with a kick at the end. The lobster is slightly chewy but flavorful and moist from absorbing the soup. Very tasty.

  • Salmon Toro Tartar Next we are brought a special appetizer available that evening called Salmon Toro Tartar. It is pieces of toro wrapped in salmon sashimi and topped with large slices of jalapenos. It is covered with a yuzu sauce. Yuzu is an Asian citrus fruit with a light tart taste. Some think it's a hybrid fruit that originated from a combination the sour mandarin and Ichang papeda, a hard citrus plant with lemon characteristics. The fish in this dish tastes great together. The toro is soft and thick and the salmon is fresh, tender and strong. The jalapenos on top are very mild, working well with the yuzu, and add a little crunch. The dish quickly disappears.

  • Beef Negimaki We are served a dish we have never had before, Beef Negimaki. This is a traditional Japanese dish, believed to be originated in the Kanto region of Japan. The dish is also available with chicken if you prefer. The Beef Negimaki is cooked slices of beef wrapped around cooked scallions. The dish is garnished with sesame seeds and teriyaki sauce. The scallions are surprisingly large and folded neatly inside the beef. This beef is well cooked and seasoned and along with the scallions, has a slight chew to it. The flavors are great and we enjoy this very much.

  • Tuna Pizza Tuna Pizza arrives next. This is another dish we have noticed recently on a lot of sushi menus. A chef in Montreal claims she originated this dish back in 1992 and while there is no proof, we would like to thank who ever did. The pizza is composed of tuna, creamy avocado, jalapenos, scallions and tobiko all placed on a cracker. It is drizzled with spicy mayo and eel sauce. The pizza is served a little different than most, already sliced and intricately plated, making it a little bit harder and messier to eat. The crust is very crunchy. While pretty good, the avocado has almost a guacamole consistency and overpowers the dish.

  • Spicy Lobster ChaLa Ca We are brought one more appetizer, Spicy Lobster ChaLa Ca. It is a mix of spicy lobster salad and crispy onions inside, wrapped by tuna sashimi. It is topped with tobiko and a creamy wasabi sauce. The individual pieces are quite large and bursting with flavor. The onions are smoky and crunchy while the lobster salad is rich and creamy. The combination of the two works well and is a treat in the mouth. We easily finish this dish and highly recommend it.

  • Sashimi A plate of sashimi finds its way to our table. It has tuna, salmon and white tuna. Here is a breakdown of the fresh fish.

    Tuna The tuna is thick but a little tough

    Salmon The salmon is soft and quite tasty.

    White Tuna The white tuna is oily, rich and tender. It is our favorite of the bunch.

  • Hawaii Roll Now its time for sushi rolls! We start with a Hawaii Roll. It is tuna, salmon, avocado and macadamia nuts inside. When it comes to macadamia nuts it is best to ensure they've adequately dried before eating to obtain the optimal taste. When compared to other nuts they are slightly higher in fat and lower in protein. However they are softer and have a more refined taste with a hint of sweetness. The Hawaii Roll is topped with tobiko and sesame seeds. Somewhat basic, this roll is great for the beginner sushi eater. The fish is savory but a drop chewy and the roll has a great crunch. It has a strong nutty flavor between the sesame seeds and the macadamia inside, however I'd prefer a little more macadamia.

  • Tokyo Wrap Next is the Tokyo Wrap. This dish is spicy crab, mango, avocado and jalapeno wrapped in rice paper, with no rice whatsoever. It is served with a special ponzu sauce created by the chef and drizzled with mayo. Ponzu sauces are citrus based, tart and thinner in consistency. The roll is beautifully served, layered on top of each other in a bowl with the sauce on the bottom. The roll tastes amazing. It is sweet from the sauce and mango but well balanced with some spice from the jalapenos. The sweetness hits first and the heat follows. The roll is incredibly light and the spicy crab inside is fresh and tasty. It's a must order.

  • Closer up.

  • Crazy Tuna Roll The Crazy Tuna Roll follows. It is spicy tuna and crunch inside with black pepper tuna on top. The tuna inside and out is perfectly seasoned. Particularly enjoyable is the pureness of the spicy tuna as it's not drenched in sauce. The crunchy tempura flakes inside the roll are some of the largest I have ever seen. If craving spicy tuna, order this roll.

  • Fantasy Roll We finish our meal with the Fantasy Roll. The roll is lobster salad and crunch inside. It is topped with alternating slices of avocado and shrimp and coated with mango sauce. The lobster salad yet again is stellar, both rich and creamy. The mango sauce is sweet and enjoyable. The ingredients all blend very well together to make one delicious roll. Though we are stuffed, we shamelessly finish this one.

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