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Mr. Yum in Miami, Florida


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  • Food9
  • Pricing7-8(Mid-High)
  • Atmosphere8
  • Service9(Outstanding)
  • Selection7(Missed My Toro!)
  • Value8(Outstanding)

The Review

We headed down South to Miami for a meal at Mr. Yum. Not quite in the heart of the city, you'll have to search a little to find this place, but it is worth it. The restaurant is on the small side but very clean with bright orange colors and crisp white tables. There was trendy and fashionable art and soft club music playing. The sushi bar is towards the middle, with a small television next to it. There are some tables in front outside and a small private booth for parties inside. The place was not overly packed, but it was Game 6 of the NBA Finals and we were in Miami afterall. We take a table near the window and Adrienne the manager tells us she will bring us some house sake.

  • Homemade Sake Mr. Yum bottles their own sake on premise and their Lychee Saketini is made from fresh lychees. The lychee fruit is native to China. The fruit contains an inedible red/pink rind that when peeled reveals a soft white fleshy fruit. The fruit has a taste similar to grapes, but more acidity and tart, and it is loaded with Vitamin C. The Lychee Saketini is served in a bottle with a "Mr. Yum" label and with these cute round glasses that cause us to jump every now and again as we think they'll spill. The drink is smooth, sweet and has a cloudiness to it, leaving us to believe it is partially unfiltered. We highly recommend it.

  • Wahoo Tataki We are brought our first dish of Wahoo Tataki. We have never had wahoo before and were agree to try it. Wahoo is a long, fast growing, scale covered fish native to tropical climates. It belongs to the same family as Spanish Mackerel. The fish has a firm off-white texture and soft taste. The pieces of wahoo were topped with thin bits of lemons, crispy onions, tobiko and served in a light ponzu sauce. The onions and tobiko provide a subtle crunch and the sauce is a mix of citrus and sweetness, with a little kick at the end. It is very good.

  • Close up.

  • Tuna Tartare We try Tuna Tartare next. It was diced cubes of tuna served with chunks of avocado, cucumber and tomatoes. It was drizzled with toro sauce and plated with delicately sliced pieces of fruit. This is one of the spiciest tartars that we've had, but not overbearing. The pieces of tuna are incredibly fresh and soft and the dish is quite flavorful.

  • Tom Yum Goong Soup We order Tom Yum Goong soup to heal our aching throats. The soup has large pieces of shrimp and mushrooms and it is made with lemon grass, lime and peppers and scallions. The large pieces of shrimp are very juicy and the soup has a great flavor and light heat to it. You can really taste the lime and it hits the spot.

  • Gamson Roll Finally it is time for sushi rolls. The first one we dig into is the Gamson Roll. It has spicy tuna, avocado, masago and tempura flakes inside. On top is salmon, tobiko and thin slices of cucumber. It is drizzled with yuzu sauce and accompanied by spicy mayo and more yuzu sauce on the plate. The cucumber is paper thin and with the tobiko it provides a nice crunch. The roll is very tasty a mix of sweet tart from the yuzu and spice from the tuna and spicy mayo. The spicy tuna has a pure taste and if there is any mayo mixed in, it is barely noticeable.

  • Close up.

  • Deco Next we had the Deco Drive Roll. It is an incredible version of a spicy tuna roll. Spicy tuna is wrapped in pink soy paper and topped with diced tuna mixed with toro sauce and wasabi sauce. The individual square shaped pieces are served on their side with the mixture on top. The roll is pure and delicious. Each piece is soft and the soy paper is a good choice as it is not as crunchy as nori would be, letting the smoothness of the fish shine. Soy paper is derived from soybeans, giving it a softer and lighter taste. At times it can melt in the mouth. Plus often you can barely taste it all, compared to nori which has a slightly salty taste to some. If craving spicy tuna, this roll is a must order.

  • Another angle.

  • Ingrid Roll We are next served one of the specials they offered that evening, the Ingrid Roll. This is a serious roll. It is packed with shrimp tempura, crab salad and cream cheese. It is topped with avocado, more crab and tempura flakes. There is a little too much tempura for our liking, but if you enjoy it this is the roll for you. If not, I'm sure you can ask them to cut back a little. At first bite the roll is warm and soft. Like I said, we are a little biased against tempura, but the tempura shrimp is very light and not oily. The flavors of the roll blend well together and it is very enjoyable.

  • Closer up.

  • More Sake (Saketinis) We cleanse out palates with two more homemade saketinis. We try the Pineapple and the Passion Fruit. The drinks are refreshing and slightly tart. We both like the Pineapple one better as it is a little smoother and slightly sweeter.

  • Hamachi Jalapeno We try another sashimi appetizer of Hamachi Jalapeno. It is large slices of fresh Hamachi topped with jalapeno slices and red tobiko and served in a ponzu sauce. The fish is incredibly tender, nearly falling apart. Mr. Yum does spice very well and the sauce is light with a great kick.

  • Closer up.

  • Mr. Yum Tiradito One more sashimi appetizer of Mr. Yum Tiradito is brought to us. The dish was red snapper with cilantro and jalapenos in yuzu sauce. Red Snapper hails from the Southeast Atlantic ocean, living close to the ocean floor. The fish is slightly oily and moist, with a mildly sweet taste. Snapper is a light, white fish with a pink hue. The dish has hints of spice and lime. It is very tasty and Michael enjoyed it very much.

  • Romi Roll However it was time to truly explore their sushi and we dive into the Romi Roll. It is tuna, salmon, whitefish and cilantro inside. It is then topped with wahoo, tempura flakes, kimchee sauce and red and orange tobiko. Kimchee sauce is a spicy red sauce having a taste of chili peppers, garlic and just a touch of sweetness. It adds a distinct and enjoyable flavor. This roll is delicious and you can taste every single type of fish.

  • Closer.

  • Blue Dragon Roll We are excited for the next roll, Blue Dragon. It is blue crab, strawberries and wakame inside. Wakakme is seaweed, with a slightly sweetened taste. The entire roll is fried and topped with more crab and a creamy lobster sauce. The crab is incredibly tasty, but I wanted a little more from the berries. The roll is very crunchy and a little on the heavy side.

  • Monster Roll The Monster Roll is next. It is white fish, spicy mayo and scallions inside. It is topped with shrimp, avocado and wasabi sauce. The roll is subtle and incredibly tasty. The white fish is fresh and smooth. The shrimp on top is thin and juicy. The sauces are light and spicy. It is a very good combination.

  • Dominic Roll We end the night with the Dominic Roll. This one is a favorite of mine and even though I am near capacity I cannot stop eating it. The roll is tuna, crab and spicy mayo mixed together and joined by masago and green apple inside. It is then topped with sliced tuna. Apples are a favorite fruit of mine and the green apple inside is sliced matchstick style, like cucumber would be. The roll is crunchy and the apples inside add a wonderful crunch and juiciness.

  • Tea Since the basketball game is still on we order some tea and sit back to watch. The have a small menu of different loose teas to choose from and we pick an Herbal Mint and a Chai Tea. The teas are served in adorable individual loose tea mugs. You let the tea seep, and then the inside strainer rests in the top cover. Both of the teas are very soothing, although we both like the Mint a little better.

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