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Harney in Oceanside, California


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  • Food10(Outstanding)
  • Pricing7(Not a Cheap Date)
  • Atmosphere10(Outstanding)
  • Service10(Outstanding)
  • Selection10(Outstanding)
  • Value10(Outstanding)

The Review

We visited both of their locations. Our second night in Cali took us to Harney Sushi in Oceanside. While the names and some of the menu are the same, they have completely different vibes. We sat by the dj booth in this location and the place was definitely busy. If it wasn't a plane ride away, this would be our weekend hangout. The place had modern decor and unique round booths, equipped with a full sushi and cocktail bar. You'll impress the ladies to say the least.

I repeat from the San Diego review, before I even get to the amazing food, let me just say that Harney Sushi is one of the best sushi establishments we have been to. You can tell they run a very efficient business, are ahead of the ball when it comes to a fusion menu and believe in true customer service - we witnessed them handling a slight problem in the most professional manner.

  • The Edamame The edamame we started with was a miss for us since it was covered in butter. A bit lighter on the butter - could use some garlic as well.

  • The Miso Soup The miso soup had the biggest mushrooms we have ever seen! Compare this soup to the other restaurants that buy canned miso coup and pour it into a bowl for you . . . and you'll start to realize why Harney is unlike 95% of the other restaurants you'll visit.

  • Blistered Shisito Pepper Our favorite appetizer was the blistered shisito pepper- spicy peppers in a light lime sauce with rice paper that nearly danced.

  • Halibut Sashimi The executive sushi chef Rob is incredibly talented and this was on full display with the sashimi dishes we received. Our favorites were the halibut sashimi with thyme butter, hawaiian sea salt and radish - the sauce was out of this world & when combined with the light fish it was luscious and sweet.

  • Candied Albacore Other favorite was candied albacore - albacore, avocado, sriracha, green onion, minced ginger and sesame seeds. While hard to pick up, this was also sweet and light with a subtle heat.

  • The Sassaccio Gorgeous plate of varied nigiri. Masterful slices of fish floating in a special house sauce. Salmon was our favorite. Nothing was wrong with this dish.

  • Eel Nigiri Our favorite was eel with avocado and mango - something not on their menu and easily customized and thrown together when we said we like mango. Without direction or guidance, the chef whipped together a perfect combination of ingredients. We've ordered this same dish at several restaurants. Compare the presentation, the sauces, the quantity, etc... and you will have to agree that this restaurant can simply do it better!

  • Ankimo We also broadened our horizons and tried ankimo, which for those who do not know if monk liver - that's right monk liver. While presented wonderfully the taste was a little strong and the texture a little too creamy for me to ever order.

  • Castillo Roll The contest winner Castillo Roll, Harney has a competition between their chefs, was filling and beats the San Diego winner, but was not our favorite. Shrimp tempura and a salad on the inside, tuna, more salad and tobiko on the outside. Good. Not great.

  • Tatter Todds Hands down our favorite rolls were Hope and Tatter Todds, which beats any variation of a volcano roll we have ever tried. This was slices of halibut wrapped around a small ball of rice that's topped with spice mayo & eel sauce and then baked. It nearly melts in your mouth!

  • The Hope The Hope roll was shrimp tempura, spicy crab, avocado, Cajun seared tuna, micro greens, wasabi & citrus aioli. The sauces and cajun seared tuna together make this roll scrumptious. I wonder if they can air-mail sushi? By the way, this is rolled with soy paper.

  • Berry Nice Roll To close we tried a berry nice roll and all I can say is oh my god! We did a few extra miles to work it off the next day but this is truly sushi dessert. It was tempura eel, crab and cream cheese, topped with tuna, strawberries, eel sauce and cinnamon toast crunchies.

  • Basil Kiss The manager Ralph, who does their cocktail menu, has creative and yummy combinations with the Sweet Cajun Fire and the even tastier Basil Kiss. Drinks were awesome all night.

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